Wikidata hackathon

A marathon of voluntary contribution to the enhancement of the shared archival material

On Tuesday 20th October, from 5pm to 7pm, both Archivio Storico Ricordi and Wikimedia Italia encourage all music, theatre and culture enthusiasts to take part in the free online event aimed at expanding and promoting the material shared by the Archivio Ricordi through several Wikimedia projects. To begin with, everyone will be given the opportunity to attend a training session so that all participants can work on the projects through simple steps.

To take part in the project, please sign up on the dedicated web page, where the participation link will be posted a few days before the event. New users are free to register for the Wikimedia projects beforehand and attend a few introductory tutorials on Wikibussole.

Not only is this partnership with Wikimedia Italia contributing to the growth of Wikipedia entries, but it also encourages users to share the Archivio Ricordi database with Wikidata and a great number of drawings, portraits and several other illustrations with Wikimedia Commons. More specifically, this project entails the upload of the ten music magazines’ years issues published by Casa Ricordi from 1842 to 1965 on Wikisource, starting with the first edition of Gazzetta Musicale di Milano, already available online.


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