Verdi. Boito. Ricordi. The Enterprise of Opera

The exhibition at the Palais des Beaux Arts, curated by the renowned Verdi expert Gabriele Dotto, is based on the same innovative concept that has already delighted thousands of visitors in Berlin, Gütersloh and Milan. It traces the genesis of an opera – which is also an entrepreneurial venture – using the collaboration between the composer Verdi, his publisher Ricordi, and the librettist Boito on “Falstaff” and “Otello” as examples. Of course the scores, correspondence and libretti, the costumes, lead plates and other music-publishing accessories, represent only a small excerpt of the treasures that make up the Archivio Ricordi in Milan, which contains 7,800 original scores from more than 600 operas by great masters like Giacomo Puccini and Verdi, 10,000 libretti, 6,000 historical photographs, and Ricordi’s complete business correspondence – including with the great composers of his time.


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