The image collection also includes a collection of posters from the turn of the century and the beginning of the 20th century. These constitute an important documentation of the activity of Casa Ricordi in the field of graphics. At that time, Casa Ricordi was one of the few publishers in the world that was able to print large posters and it even received orders from overseas.
The collection consists not only of posters for opera performances, but also for Bitter Campari, Poretti beer, Uliveto water, the Bianchi bicycle brand, the La Rinascente department store and the Corriere della Sera. Particularly noteworthy are the series of posters for the film Cabiria from 1914 (directed by Giovanni Pastrone) and those for the Magazzini Mele in Naples. The Officine Grafiche also designed the covers of the Ricordi publishing house’s music editions, which are therefore of considerable beauty and originality

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