The archive has a number of issues of periodicals published by Ricordi over
the years: there are the complete annual editions of the Gazzetta Musicale di Milano (1842—1902), of some years additional copies bound with a different cover that were apparently meant for internal use, and some unbound issues.
A number of issues of Musica e Musicisti (1902—1905) are available from 1902, in the small format, and some in the later larger format. The complete set of editions of the magazine Ars et Labor (1906—1912) is available, all in bound annual volumes, plus some individual issues. Musica d’Oggi is available between 1919—1942 and 1958—1965.
Only the 1956 issues of Ricordiana, published from 1951—1957, are available in the archive. There is also Rivista Minima, edited from 1871 to 1878 by Ghislanzoni. One issue of the Biblioteca Illustrata della Gazzetta Musicale di Milano (No. 3/1888) is available, containing some illustrated stories by Alfredo Montalti. The first edition of July 10, 1864 and the volume of the year 1865 of the Giornale della Società del Quartetto are available. Bound annual volumes of the magazine Italia Musicale, published by Lucca, are available in the archive for 1847 and from 1850 to 1859.

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