An invite to transcribe the letters of Casa Ricordi

Scholars, opera enthusiasts and academic institutions can contribute to the transcription of the Ricordi letters

The Archive appeals to anybody who is interested in the participation of the transcription of the Lettere di Casa Ricordi online. The open source project based on collaborative resources and tools is an invite to the academic world but also to opera enthusiasts who want to contribute to the letters transcription, mainly handwriting, and so to create new resources for the Digital Collection. A large number of contributions have already been sent, including the one from the Fondazione Bellini in Catania. Graziella Seminara, professor of Musical Drama and member of the scientific committee of the Fondazione Bellini, contributed also with an essay in the e-book  Le Lettere di Casa Ricordi online – Breve raccolta di contributi critici, edited by Patrizia Rebulla and published by Ricordi &amp this year; C. Milano, download here.

More details here.


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