The Archive collaborates with Wikimedia

A “wikipedian in residence” and open licence for the Ricordi magazines published between 1842 and 1965

Archivio Storico Ricordi announces the collaboration with Wikimedia Italia. The initiative will create free access contents starting from the Digital Collection of the Archive.

The project includes a training path with a “wikipedian in residence”: an expert, guest of the Archive for three months, will follow the insertion of the resources and the contents on the online platform, starting from the original documents owned by the Archive, to upgrade and make available historical information not yet present in the Wikipedia articles.
The activity will be concentrated especially on Wikisource, digital library, on which will be upload the complete collection of magazines, published by Ricordi between 1842 and 1965, and Wikidata, database that will be enriched with new contents and information regarding musicians, operas and historical facts emerged by the transcriptions of the Letters of Casa Ricordi.
The data and publications “made free” by the Archive are a very precious cultural heritage made accessible to all and available for every eventuality, including the one to increase the voces of articles of the Wikipedia free encyclopedia.
In addition to the work “behind closed doors” of the wikipedian, that due to the anti-coronavirus regulations was completely managed remotely for the first steps, will be launch a Wikipedia hackaton, a marathon of voluntary contribution to the free database starting from the materials sharing by the Archive.

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