June 2013

A Cathedral of Music


A Cathedral of Music

Texts author: Caroline Lüderssen



A Brief History of the Ricordi Publishing House
1_ The Hard Worker: Giovanni Ricordi. The period from 1808 to 1853
2_ The Sociable One: Tito I Ricordi. The period from 1853 to 1888
3_ The Genius: Giulio Ricordi. The period from 1888 to 1912
4_ The Cosmopolitan: Tito II Ricordi. The period from 1912 to 1919
5_ Years of Crisis: Carlo Clausetti and Renzo Valcarenghi. The period from 1919 to 1943
6_ The Postwar Years. The period from 1943 to 1956
7_ A time of Change. The period from 1956

The Archive
8_ The Phenomenon of Opera; The Autograph Collection; Important, but often Underestimated: the Libretto; Opera Production as Part of Cultural History
9_ Verdi and Puccini: Verdi’s Otello: Documents in the Archive; Giacomo Puccini: Documents in the Archive
10_ Searching for Clues in the Archive
11_ Contemporary Music in the Archive
12_ Reconstruction of Musical History


Overview of the Collections

Index of Names


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