Aida, figlia di due mondi


The Archivio is main partner of the Museo Egizio in Turin for the great exhibition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the premier of Aida.

The exhibition traces the genesis of the opera, through memorabilia, relics, letters and scores lent from archives and museums across Europe.

From the Archivio Storico Ricordi several documents including the original score of Aida, the set and costume design by Girolamo Magnani for the premiere at La Scala, the volume of the mise en scene with detailed director’s notes by the thirty years old Giulio Ricordi, under the guide of Verdi himself, the handwritten copy of the Sinfonia – written by Verdi, but not performed at the time – used for the Italian premiere in 1940, the original contracts with Verdi and the librettist Antonio Ghislanzoni and autographs letters.

In addition the Archivio takes part in the catalogue of the exhibition with the contribution of the general manager Pierluigi Ledda and the archivist Maria Pia Ferraris and to the wide program of collateral initiatives with the realization of podcast about Aida; focused on some curiosities emerged from the documents preserved in the Archive; a pop-up exhibition at the Biblioteca Braidense in Milan; projects with the Compagnia Marionette Carlo Colla and an hakaton on Wikimedia dedicated to Aida, in collaboration with Wikimedia Italia.


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Museo Egizio

17 March – 5 June 2022


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