Luigi Nono and the adventure of Musica Manifesto n.1


The Archive presented a meeting dedicated to the first reprint of the record “of protest” by Luigi Nono

On the occasion of the first reprint of the album Musica Manifesto N.1 by Luigi Nono, curated by the record label Die Schachtel, Archivio Storico Ricordi, in collaboration with San Fedele Musica and Milano Music Week presented a in depth meeting to retrace the adventurous genesis of the record.

On June 1968, in Venice, the composer joined the protests of students, workers, artists and intellectuals politically active. A year after, Nono published a composition for voice and magnetic tape, with the live registrations of the protests, for the Milanese label I dischi del sole (under the aegis of Ricordi). The reprint is remastered from the original tapes of the Archive.

Speakers: Veniero Rizzardi (Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono), Bruno Stucchi (Die Schachtel) e Pierluigi Ledda (Archivio Storico Ricordi).


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