November 2008

That’s Opera


Bruxelles Tour & Taxis
from 14-11-2008 to 30-04-2009

The exhibition “That’s Opera” provided an insightful and intimate look behind the scenes of the making of an Opera. The exhibition itself was a stage set, allowing the visitor to access the theatre’s workshop where scenery, back drops and the larger props are made, as well as the orchestra pit and even the stage. The visitor became an active participant in the “making of” a work of art. He/She witnessed and even contributed to the process by which an Opera comes about – from the first idea to the complete stage production. This innovative exhibition concept enabled the visitor to take an interactive journey behind the scenes through all the important developments in the artistic process of staging an Opera production. It distinguishes “That’s Opera” from all previous Opera and Theatre exhibits. Never before had it been possible to get so close to the creation of an operatic work; never had such a deep and detailed impression been given of what and how many people, apart from the composer, are responsible for a successful Opera production.


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