The Letters of Casa Ricordi


The Letters of Casa Ricordi is an open project, relying on contributions from scholars and music lovers. If you wish to cooperate, send us your transcriptions via email at:
After due check, they twill be published online under your name.
Thank you for your generous contribution!
Here below a few suggestions to start exploring the letters.

Suggested authors

Leopoldo Mugnone
Stefano Donaudy
Arturo Rossato
Ildebrando Pizzetti
Francesco Florimo

However, our digital collection offers more than 30,000 letters. You can access it here.

Editorial guidelines
• Create a Word or Open Office file.
• Use its shelfmark number as title: LLET014039; CLET001762; …
• Set in a standard font (Times New Roman, 12 pt. is preferred).
• Text should be left-justified, not fully justified. Only date, place and signature are often right-aligned.
• Respect paragraphing.
• Respect capitalization
• Respect original underlines and deletions
• Do not amend orthography or grammar. If a mistake of the author makes the text unclear or ambiguous, mark it with [sic].
• In case of uncertain reading, mark your guess between [ ].
• In case of impossible reading, mark the missing word with star keys between [ ]: [******]

Thanks to the valuable contribution of the users, the following authors have been fully transcribed:
Giuseppe Adami, Antonio BazziniVincenzo Bellini, Teresa Bianchi BazziniIsaia BilléArrigo Boito, Cleofonte CampaniniAlfredo CasellaVictor de Sabata, Andrea Della CorteLuigi Ferrari Trecate, Filippo FilippiGiovacchino Forzano, Antonio GhislanzoniGiuseppe Giacosa, Umberto Giordano, Claudio Guastalla, Luigi Illica, Ruggiero LeoncavalloAndrea Maffei, Clara Maffei, Gino MarinuzziPietro Mascagni, Edoardo Mascheroni, Alberto MazzucatoSaverio Mercadante, Francesco Molinari Pradelli, Giovanni PaciniRiccardo Pick-Mangiagalli, Francesco Maria Piave, Amilcare PonchielliEttore Pozzoli, Giacomo Puccini, Gioachino Rossini, Temistocle Solera, Teresa Stolz, Giuseppina Strepponi, Giuseppe Verdi, Maria Waldmann, Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

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