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The Music Folder is a podcast series by the Archivio Storico Ricordi dedicated to the intersection of music, memory and art. Conceived with the intent and curiosity to reflect on sound sources, the series is the result of the encounter between the thinking of great artists, musicians and contemporary researchers such as Alvin Curran, William Basinski, Jeff Mills, Wolfgang Voigt, Moritz von Oswald, Simon Reynolds and Christina Kubisch, and the careful investigation of musicologists, critics, curators and authors including Veniero Rizzardi, Francesco Tenaglia, Claudia Attimonelli, Marco Mancuso and Francesco Bergamo.

The dialogue between artists and interlocutors in The Music Folder does not follow a conventional model of an interview focusing on the protagonist’s latest record project or career, but is an open and direct discussion on the significance of sound sources in one’s own artistic and production process. Each artist, motivated to open up, is chosen for having contributed, in the past or in the present, to placing important pieces of a silent revolution in the history of minimalism, modern composition and electronic and avant-garde music, while always keeping an eye on the future.

The theme of sound sources and the generation of sound, the origin and inspiration of the artists involved, is addressed from a perspective that is not strictly archival or cataloguing, but from a creative, artistic and philosophical, sometimes existential point of view. Hence the meeting and collaboration, for a part of the episodes of The Music Folder, with some of the most important institutional realities in Italy such as Biennale Musica, in particular the last edition dedicated to digital sound, its production and diffusion in the acoustic space through advanced technologies and experimental research, and San Fedele Musica, with which the Archivio Storico Ricordi has been sharing its vision and programming for several years.

The collaboration with Biennale Musica has given rise to the last two episodes of The Music Folder, with as many protagonists at the 67th International Festival of Contemporary Music in Venice: Robert Henke, here in dialogue with the curator and author Marco Mancuso, and Kode9, who instead confronts the producer and musicologist Guglielmo Bottin.​


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