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The Ricordi Historical Archive, in collaboration with CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, enlarges its digital collection: available online for a free consultation is information – including iconic images and artistic logos – for the more than 900 photographic studios that collaborated with Casa Ricordi through the years.

The archive’s Digital Collection, accessible at Collezione Digitale, now includes these important documents in a new dedicated section that will progressively encompass all the collection, which together with the entire resource can be consulted freely online. The individual information records are provided with notes about the history of the photography studios, thus constituting a heretofore unpublished documentary resource useful for scholars and fans of photography. Furthermore, the records are connected to the rest of the online database.


The Photograph Collection of the Ricordi Historical Archive covers an arc of time that goes from the origins of photography (1839) through all of the 20th century. A first selection, concentrated on the more important Italian and foreign photographic studios, is today presented to the public as individual documents. They constitute the first step on the important journey of opening the archive to the public. The journey will continue throughout 2023, thus furnishing a century-long panorama of the music industry and theater history.


In the 19th century, the new art of photography found among its admirers the same Giulio Ricordi (1840-1912) who always paid attention to everything new that the market presented. In this way, photography also became a protagonist of his magazines Musica e Musicisti and Ars et Labor, not just for illustrating the articles, but also with columns dedicated to it. Giulio’s brother, Giuseppe (1853-1902), founded the Pagliano & Ricordi company together with the photographer Leonida Pagliano. Giuseppe’s passion for photography was shared by his nephew, Manolo (1876-1940), Giulio’s son, who authored various news stories for his father’s magazines.




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